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General Policy Statement

AHCO: remake, warranty, and other polices apply to eyeglass orders purchased from AHCO directly not using vision / medical insurance. Orders placed using vision / medical insurance are subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the insurance policy. If the insurance policy does not address your issue / situation, then AHCO will make the final decision on what we can do to address the situation.

No refunds will be made on eyeglass lens orders which have already been started by the lab supplying the lenses. Once the lens making process has started for your presecription no cancellation or changes can be made.

Arvada Health Center Optical will gladly adjust your eyeglasses FREE of charge regardless of where you originally purchased them. However; we are not responsible for ANY damages to the frames being adjusted for ANY reason, regardless of fault. We will always do our best to avoid damaging any frame, but age and the overall condition of the frame prior to our adjustment is beyond our control and accidents can happen however regretable. By having us adjust your frames you agree not to hold Arvada Health Center Optical or any of its' staff liable for any damages that may occur from the adjustment process.

Insurance must be presented PRIOR to the finalization of purchase. Insurance presented after the sale will be the sole responsibilty of the patient to be reimbursed from their insurance provider as prescribed by their provider. Many insurance plans provide the materials themselves and we not able to bill the provider after the 'job' has been started. If at any point you have a disagreement about anything related to your insurance then it is the PATIENTS responsibility to resolve the issue directly with their insurance company. If a patient’s insurance refuses to pay a claim or reverses an already filed claim then the patient will be responsible for any balances due as a result of the loss. It is the PATIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to know their insurance plans' benefits and and procedures. We are glad to and will allways do our best to help the patient through the process when we can, but it is ultimately the patients responsibilty.

Here at AHCO we offer a 60 day Dr’s change guarantee. If your Dr changes your prescription due to vision needs or a mistake, we will change your lenses to the new prescription free of charge. The following restrictions apply:
1. The change must be presented within 60days of the original order date of the lenses to be changed.
2. The change is for the same lens type and options as the original order. Any upgrades or add-ons will be at an addition cost.
3. The prescription must be within the same power range as the original lenses. If the new prescription would have resulted in an additional charge at the time of the original order, then those charges will be added to the remake.
4. Cataract surgeries, Lasik, and other surgical procedures do not qualify for Dr’s changes unless the surgery was preformed prior to the original glasses order.
5. Special Offer, Complimentary, and special discounted packages DO NOT qualify for free Dr’s changes. A fee based on the type of lenses ordered will be charged for these remakes.
6. The Dr’s change policy is limited to ONE free RX change per pair of eyeglasses ordered

AHCO warranties all of its glasses to be free of manufacture defects for one year. Any item determined to be defect will be replaced at no charge to the patient. If an item is no longer available AHCO will offer a replacement item of equal or lesser value. No refund will be give if a price difference exists. Accidental or intention damage caused by patients is not covered. Scratched lenses do not qualify as manufacture defects; however, if scratch coating or Premium Antiglare coating is purchased we give the patient ONE FREE remake for scratching within the first year on the lenses.

For any issue not addressed in our general polices, AHCO reserves the right to make the final decision as to how the issue is resolved.

If you have any questions or concerns about these general policy statements please be sure to ask your Optician at the time of service or contact us here.

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